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Green County Family Law Legal Clinic

The Green County Family Law Legal Clinic is a service of the Green County Bar Association. The Clinic is run through the Green County Economic Support Unit located in the Pleasant View Complex at N3152 Hwy 81, Monroe, WI. The clinic is open the second Friday of each month, by appointment only from 8:30 to noon. Patrons (not clients)  are scheduled in half hour time slots and must fill in an informational form in advance so that the attorneys can check for conflicts. No appointment can be scheduled until the form is completed and returned.

The Clinic assists self-represented people in family law matters such as divorce, custody, and child support. Clinic volunteers will help identify the correct form(s), fill in the form(s) correctly using information provided by the patrons, and provide the correct number of copies and general guidelines on local court procedures. Clinic volunteers can also provide referrals to other sources of help.

Clinic volunteers do NOT provide legal advice, and will NOT go to court with patrons.

Volunteers have access to a computer terminal, printer, and copy machine. Every form generated is stamped with a red stamp indicating it was generated through the Clinic, and that no legal advice was given.

For further information, or to schedule an appointment, contact the Green County Economic Support Unit at 608/328-9344


Legal Resources


Restraining Orders on Domestic Abuse Cases

Green Haven Family Advocates, Inc., 1811 11th Street, Monroe, WI 53566 Office: (608) 325-6489, Fax: (608) 325-6486, 24 Hr. Crisis Line: (608) 325-7711 Toll-free Crisis: 800-836-9788.