The Justice Center offers opportunities for litigants to use technology in presenting their cases. There are 3 courtrooms, hearing room on the first floor, Branch 1 and Branch 2 on the second floor.

Sound Amplification

All courtrooms have microphones and speakers to enhance sound. Microphones have mute buttons that, when pressed, allow attorney / client communication.

Electronic Display

All the courtrooms have the ability to project images. Images may be of documents or photos used for evidence. The display equipment is located on a mobile cart. Each counsel table also has in-table connections for power for laptops that can be used to display onto a drop-down screen.

Telephone Conferences

All courtrooms have telephone conference capabilities.

Video Conferences

All the courtrooms, have video conference capabilities. Those wishing to make a video conference connection must advise the court at least four working days before the requested time to allow for approval by the court. Requesters must provide the IP address of the remote site and a contact person and phone number. It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that the party is in the video room at the scheduled time. It is the responsibility of the court to connect with the institution at the scheduled time. If the court or institution is unable to meet at the scheduled time, it is their responsibility to contact the remote location via phone as soon as possible. The court may, at its discretion, choose to use a video connection for remote appearances by in-custody parties.


Wireless internet connections are available on all floors of the Justice Center. There are also power outlets on and under each counsel table in the courtrooms for litigants to plug in laptops or other devices.

Assisted Listening

Each courtroom has  assisted listening devices. Litigants should alert court staff to the need for a device.

Real-Time Transcription

Real-time is available upon request. Contact Circuit Court office at: (608) 328-9420 for more information. 

Media Viewing

Branch 2 has windows from the courtroom to a media room where TV cameras may be set. Sound is routed to the media room.